CodeLlama 70B

CodeLlama 70B

CodeLlama-70B-Instruct achieves 67.8 on HumanEval, making it one of the highest performing open models available today. CodeLlama-70B is the most performant base for fine-tuning code generation models and we’re excited for the community to build on this work.

Code Llama 70B models are available under the same license as Llama 2 and previous Code Llama models to support both research and commercial use. You can find more details in the request form on the Llama website.

Fill the form and Download the models:

  • CodeLlama-70B,
  • CodeLlama-70B-Python,
  • CodeLlama-70B-Instruct.

What is CodeLLama?

Code Llama is a programming-focused model developed on the Llama 2 platform. Its primary goal is to streamline and accelerate the workflows of developers, as well as to facilitate coding education. This model is capable of producing code as well as generating discussions around code in natural language. It is compatible with a wide array of today’s prevalent programming languages, such as Python, C++, Java, PHP, Typescript (Javascript), C#, Bash, among others.

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