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  • Llama 2 in MLPerf Inference

    Llama 2 in MLPerf Inference

    Introducing Llama 2 70B in MLPerf Inference v4.0. In the MLPerf Inference v4.0 cycle, the working group revisited the concept of a “larger” LLM task and established a new task force for this purpose. This task force evaluated a range of potential models for inclusion, including GPT-175B, Falcon-40B, Falcon-180B, BLOOMZ, and Llama 2 70B. After…

  • LLama-2 Explained

    LLama-2 Explained

    In this article, we will delve into LLama-2: what it is, how it is trained, its comparison to GPT variants and ChatGPT, as well as its architecture and code. We aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of this technological advancement. Introduction to LLama-2 LLama-2 is a suite of pre-trained language models, while LLama2 Chat represents…

  • Run LLama-2 on Groq

    Run LLama-2 on Groq

    Groq is insanely fast, and we’re excited to feature an official integration with LlamaIndex. The @GroqInc LPU is specially designed for LLM generation and currently supports llama-2 and Mixtral models. About Groq Welcome to Groq! 🚀 Here at Groq, we are proud to introduce the world’s inaugural Language Processing Unit™, or LPU. This groundbreaking LPU…