• LlamaIndex on Vertex AI

    LlamaIndex on Vertex AI

    LlamaIndex Team excited to partner with the Vertex AI team (@googlecloud) to feature a brand-new RAG API on Vertex, powered by @llama_index advanced modules that enable e2e indexing, embedding, retrieval, and generation. It is simultaneously easy to setup and use, while providing developers programmatic flexibility to connect a range of data sources (local, GCS, GDrive)…

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  • Building JavaScript agents in LlamaIndex.TS

    Building JavaScript agents in LlamaIndex.TS

    The ultimate guide to building agents in TypeScript is here! This guide takes you step-by-step through: What is an Agent? In LlamaIndex, an agent is a semi-autonomous piece of software powered by an LLM that is given a task and executes a series of steps towards solving that task. It is given a set of…

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  • Optimizing RAG with LLamaIndex

    Optimizing RAG with LLamaIndex

    A cool trick you can use to improve retrieval performance in your RAG pipelines is fine-tune the embedding model (bi-encoder) based on labels from a cross-encoder 💡 Cross-encoders are crucial for reranking but are way too slow for retrieving over large numbers of documents. This fine-tuning technique gives you all the speed advantages of direct…

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  • Run LLama 3 on iPhone 15 Pro

    Run LLama 3 on iPhone 15 Pro

    In addition to other improvements, current release enables running Meta Llama 2 7B efficiently on devices like the iPhone 15 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S24 and other edge devices — it also includes early support for Llama 3 8B. More details on ExecuTorch Alpha below. ExecuTorch ExecuTorch Alpha is focused on deploying large language models and…

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  • LLama 3 vs GPT-4

    LLama 3 vs GPT-4

    Llama 3 is a cutting-edge large language model introduced by Meta AI on April 18, 2024. This model family offers three sizes: 8B, 70B, and 400B. The 8B and 70B versions are available to the public, whereas the 400B version is currently undergoing training. Llama 3 boasts benchmark scores that match or surpass those of…

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  • Llama-3 Is Not Really Censored

    Llama-3 Is Not Really Censored

    It turns out that Llama-3, right out of the box, is not heavily censored. In the release blog post, Meta indicated that we should expect fewer prompt refusals, and this appears to be accurate. For example, if you were to ask the Llama-3 70 billion model to tell you a joke about women or men,…

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  • LLama 3 on Groq

    Okay, so this is the actual speed of generation, and we’re achieving more than 800 tokens per second, which is unprecedented. Since the release of LLama 3 earlier this morning, numerous companies have begun integrating this technology into their platforms. One particularly exciting development is its integration with Groq Cloud, which boasts the fastest inference…

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  • LLama 3 is HERE

    LLama 3 is HERE

    Today marks the exhilarating launch of LLama 3! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the announcement of LLama 3, exploring what’s new and different about this latest model. If you’re passionate about AI, make sure to subscribe to receive more fantastic content. Launch Details and Initial Impressions Just a few minutes ago, we witnessed…

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  • Meta Llama 3 Instruct

    Meta Llama 3 70B Model

    Meta Llama 3 is out now and available on Replicate. This language model family comes in 8B and 70B parameter sizes, with context windows of 8K tokens. The models beat most other open source models on industry benchmarks and are licensed for commercial use. Llama 3 models include base and instruction-tuned models. You can chat…

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