Ollama Multimodel Models

Ollama Multimodel Models

Ollama now supports multimodel models with v0.1.15! This allows the model to answer your prompt using what it sees. To run it, simply install Ollama, open a terminal, and type in `ollama run llava`. Then, all you need to do is type your prompt, and drag and drop an image.

There is a new `images`parameter for both Ollama’s Generate API & Chat API. The images parameter takes a list of base64 encoded PNG or JPEG format images. Ollama supports image sizes upto 100MB.

Examples here: https://github.com/jmorganca/ollama/releases/tag/v0.1.15

In the background, Ollama will download the LLaVA 7B model and run it. Want another parameter size? Try the 13B model using `ollama run llava:13b` To see more about the LLaVA model.

More multimodal models are becoming available:

BakLLaVA 7B: ollama run bakllava

Learn more: ollama run bakllava

Thank you @LLaVAAI team!