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  • MetaGPT


    MetaGPT (Hong et al.) is an awesome multi-agent framework (ICLR 2024) that models agents as a software company following a structured SOP – PMs, architects, engineers, and more communicate with each other to solve the task at hand. LLamaIndex team excited to feature RAG-enhanced MetaGPT, powered by @llama_index modules – this allows agents to tap…

  • LlamaIndex + MistralAI Cookbooks

    LlamaIndex + MistralAI Cookbooks

    LlamaIndex is a data framework for LLM-based applications which benefit from context augmentation. LlamaIndex provides the essential abstractions to more easily ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data in order to inject these safely and reliably into LLMs for more accurate text generation. Here developers offer some cookbooks for utilizing LlamaIndex with MistralAI’s LLM’s and…

  • Llama Index Roadmap

    Llama Index Roadmap

    Llama Index Roadmap. We have big plans in 2024 to make the: Stay on top of the AI Ecosystem This is a living document (last updated – today) and will change month by month. Check it out on our Github discussions page! https://github.com/run-llama/llama_index/discussions/9888 Let us know your feedback/thoughts, and check out our contributing guide if…