MetaGPT (Hong et al.) is an awesome multi-agent framework (ICLR 2024) that models agents as a software company following a structured SOP – PMs, architects, engineers, and more communicate with each other to solve the task at hand.

LLamaIndex team excited to feature RAG-enhanced MetaGPT, powered by @llama_index modules – this allows agents to tap into domain-specific knowledge.

MetaGPT Features


  1. Data input, supporting diverse file formats and Python objects.
  2. Retrieval functionality, compatible with Faiss, BM25, ChromaDB, and Elasticsearch, as well as hybrid retrieval methods.
  3. Post-retrieval processing, featuring LLM Rerank and ColbertRerank options to reorder retrieved content for enhanced accuracy.
  4. Data updating capabilities, allowing the addition of text and Python objects.
  5. Data storage and recovery without requiring vectorization on each access



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