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  • LlamaIndex on Vertex AI

    LlamaIndex on Vertex AI

    LlamaIndex Team excited to partner with the Vertex AI team (@googlecloud) to feature a brand-new RAG API on Vertex, powered by @llama_index advanced modules that enable e2e indexing, embedding, retrieval, and generation. It is simultaneously easy to setup and use, while providing developers programmatic flexibility to connect a range of data sources (local, GCS, GDrive)…

  • Building JavaScript agents in LlamaIndex.TS

    Building JavaScript agents in LlamaIndex.TS

    The ultimate guide to building agents in TypeScript is here! This guide takes you step-by-step through: What is an Agent? In LlamaIndex, an agent is a semi-autonomous piece of software powered by an LLM that is given a task and executes a series of steps towards solving that task. It is given a set of…

  • Optimizing RAG with LLamaIndex

    Optimizing RAG with LLamaIndex

    A cool trick you can use to improve retrieval performance in your RAG pipelines is fine-tune the embedding model (bi-encoder) based on labels from a cross-encoder 💡 Cross-encoders are crucial for reranking but are way too slow for retrieving over large numbers of documents. This fine-tuning technique gives you all the speed advantages of direct…