Llama Index Roadmap

Llama Index Roadmap

Llama Index Roadmap. We have big plans in 2024 to make the:

  • @llama_index ecosystem even more powerful, accessible, and production-ready for all LLM developers building core use cases (RAG, agents, and more) over their data. We’re releasing our 3-6 month roadmap (thanks
  • @LoganMarkewich for putting this together!) with four high-level goals:
  • Make LlamaIndex Production-Ready
  • Make LlamaIndex accessible to all users
  • Add advanced capabilities (RAG, agents, multimodal, and more)

Stay on top of the AI Ecosystem This is a living document (last updated – today) and will change month by month. Check it out on our Github discussions page! https://github.com/run-llama/llama_index/discussions/9888 Let us know your feedback/thoughts, and check out our contributing guide if you want to help out.

By LlamaIndex Team.

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