Hyperparameter Tuning for RAG

Hyperparameter Tuning for RAG

A HUGE issue with building LLM apps is there’s way too many parameters to tune and it extends way beyond prompts: chunking, retrieval strategy, metadata, just to name a few.

  • You can now do this automatically/efficiently, with our new ParamTuner abstractions.
  • Define any objective function you want (e.g. RAG pipeline with evals),
  • Grid search in a sync or async fashion,
  • ake it to the next level with Ray Tune.

LlamaIndex have a full notebook guide showing you how to optimize a sample RAG pipeline w/ 1) chunk size, and 2) top-k.

  1. Setup: load source docs (llama2), define golden dataset,
  2. Objective function: define RAG pipeline over data, run evals over dataset and output score,
  3. Select the best top-k / chunk size.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

⚠️ This is experimental, the abstractions may be refined.
⚠️ By default does a big grid-search. Beware of costs 💵.

See the full Guide.

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