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  • LLama-3 vs Phi-3

    LLama-3 vs Phi-3

    In the ongoing quest to create the most powerful and efficient AI models, a new champion has emerged from the ranks of the small guys. Microsoft’s Phi-3, a tiny AI model by industry standards, has been racking up impressive wins, including surpassing Meta’s much larger LLama-3 model in key benchmarks. This development suggests a shift…

  • LlamaFS


    Today’s highlight is LlamaFS – a self-organizing file manager. Given a directory of messy files (e.g. your ~/Downloads directory), it will automatically and reorganize the entire set of files into an organized directory structure with interpretable names. It can “watch” your directory and intercept all FS operations to proactively learn how you rename files. It’s…

  • LLama 3 – 400B

    LLama 3 – 400B

    The AI research community has been abuzz with the recent release of Llama 3, a series of language models that promise to revolutionize the field of natural language processing. The initial release of Llama 3 8B and 70B models marked the beginning of an exciting journey, with even more impressive models on the horizon. In…