LLama 3 is HERE

LLama 3 is HERE

Today marks the exhilarating launch of LLama 3! In this blog post, we’ll delve into the announcement of LLama 3, exploring what’s new and different about this latest model. If you’re passionate about AI, make sure to subscribe to receive more fantastic content.

Launch Details and Initial Impressions

Just a few minutes ago, we witnessed the launch of LLama 3, the third installment in the LLama series from Meta AI. This series started with the original LLama leak about a year ago, igniting the open-source, locally-run model trend. I am grateful to Meta and the individual who leaked it, as it introduced a whole new generation to artificial intelligence. LLama 2 was a significant upgrade from its predecessor, and now, LLama 3 is set to redefine the landscape yet again.

During the development of Llama 3, we evaluated the model’s performance using standard benchmarks and focused on enhancing performance for real-world scenarios. To achieve this, we created a new high-quality human evaluation set.

Meta Llama 3 Instruct model performance

This set includes 1,800 prompts that span 12 essential use cases: asking for advice, brainstorming, classification, closed question answering, coding, creative writing, extraction, inhabiting a character/persona, open question answering, reasoning, rewriting, and summarization. To ensure there was no accidental overfitting on this evaluation set, we restricted access to it, even for our own modeling teams.

The chart below presents aggregated results from these human evaluations, comparing them across these categories and prompts against Claude Sonnet, Mistral Medium, and GPT-3.5.

Meta Llama 3 Instruct Human evaluation

What’s New in LLama 3

In today’s release, you can access LLama 3 from the blog post titled “Build the Future of AI with Meta LLama 3.” Available for download, LLama 3 offers models with 8 billion and 70 billion pre-trained and instruction-tuned parameters, catering to a broad spectrum of applications. It’s noteworthy, however, that the middle-size model with about 34 billion parameters seems to be missing—likely, it will be introduced soon. Meta AI has also launched a new chat interface, presumably to compete with ChatGPT.

Testing and Features of LLama 3

We’ll conduct a series of tests on LLama 3 to showcase its capabilities. Initially, I will demonstrate how to write the game “Snake” in Python using LLama 3, employing the curses library for a terminal-based experience. Impressively, the process is swift and error-free, indicating significant improvements in code generation and execution. Stay tuned for a complete suite of tests in upcoming articles.

LLama 3 boasts state-of-the-art performance improvements in language nuances, contextual understanding, and complex tasks like translation and dialogue generation. The model is designed for multi-step tasks and shows advanced capabilities in reasoning, code generation, and following instructions. It’s especially adept at supporting developers in creating AI-powered applications.

The Future of Meta AI and LLama 3

Meta AI’s continuous advancements signal a robust commitment to AI development. The release of LLama 3 not only steps up competition in the AI landscape but also enhances the accessibility and affordability of powerful AI tools. With its openness and the strategic release of these models, Meta continues to exert pressure on other players in the industry, thereby democratizing advanced AI technologies.


As LLama 3 rolls out, it’s clear that this new model will be a cornerstone for developers looking to harness cutting-edge AI capabilities. Whether you’re experimenting with AI-powered applications or integrating sophisticated AI features into existing platforms, LLama 3 offers the tools and performance you need to succeed. Be sure to explore this exciting new release and discover how it can elevate your AI projects.

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