Today’s highlight is LlamaFS – a self-organizing file manager. Given a directory of messy files (e.g. your ~/Downloads directory), it will automatically and reorganize the entire set of files into an organized directory structure with interpretable names. It can “watch” your directory and intercept all FS operations to proactively learn how you rename files.

It’s powered by Llama 3. It’s also blazing fast with @GroqInc’s API, and there’s also a “fully local” mode with @ollama.

Overview of LlamaFS

LlamaFS is a self-organizing file manager that leverages Llama 3 to intelligently scan and organize your files. It automatically renames and arranges your files into directories based on their content and established naming conventions, making them easy to navigate and manage.

Operating Modes

LlamaFS operates in two distinct modes: batch mode and watch mode.

  • Batch Mode: In this mode, you can direct LlamaFS to a specific directory where it will analyze and organize files. You will then have the opportunity to individually accept or reject the suggested changes.
  • Watch Mode: When set to watch mode, LlamaFS functions as an ongoing daemon that monitors your directory. It intercepts file system operations and adapts to your latest changes to enhance its predictive abilities. For example, if you create a folder labeled “2023 Tax Documents” and begin transferring files into it, LlamaFS will automatically recognize similar files and move them into the correct folder for streamlined organization.

Try it out

Credits: Ajay

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