Getting started with Llama-2

Llama 2 Release Update

Meta AI has just unveiled the second version of its open-source language model, Llama. Llama 2 boasts an impressive training on a more expansive data set of 2 trillion tokens, accommodates a longer context length at 4096 tokens. This version features a more accommodating license than its predecessor, granting permission for commercial endeavors.

Here’s a rundown of the advancements since the introduction of Llama 2:

  • Llama2 Chatbot: Model designed for chatting
  • Llama 2 7B: This version, with 7 billion parameters and optimized for chat completions. It’s quicker and more compact than its 13B and 70B counterparts.
  • Llama 2 13B: With 13 billion parameters, this model is also fine-tuned for chat and is hosted on Replicate.
  • Llama 2 70B: The most substantial model, with 70 billion parameters and tailored for chat completions. While it may operate at a slower pace than the 7B and 13B models, it compensates with superior capabilities. You can read more about differences between models in Llama 2 model sizes (7B, 13B, 70B) article.
  • llm-replicate: A Replicate-compatible plugin designed for llm, which is a command-line tool and Python library tailored for large language model interactions.
  • Vercel’s digital sandbox for contrasting language models now extends its support to Llama 2.
  • A no-cost platform to test drive Llama 2 and similar language models.
  • Ollama: A free tool designed for macOS users to operate language models, now compatible with Llama 2.
  • Llama 2 7B Fine-Tuning: Llama 7B can now be fine-tuned using Replicate.

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