Meta Llama 3, the next generation of state-of-the-art open source large language model. This release features pretrained and instruction-fine-tuned language models with 8B and 70B parameters that can support a broad range of use cases. 

Llama 3 uses a tokenizer with a vocabulary of 128K tokens that encodes language much more efficiently, which leads to substantially improved model performance. 

We are enthusiasts and lovers of this incredible tool. On this website we will be exploring its possibilities and sharing latest news about Llama 3 Model.

  • LLama Agents by LLamaIndex

    Let’s take the common pattern of agents interacting with tools, and turning them into microservices. In llama-agents we allow you to setup both an agent service, which takes in a user input and performs reasoning about the next task to solve, and also a tool service, which can execute any variety of tools and exposes…

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  • Building a Basic AI Agent

    In LlamaIndex, an agent is a semi-autonomous piece of software powered by an LLM that is given a task and executes a series of steps towards solving that task. It is given a set of tools, which can be anything from arbitrary functions up to full LlamaIndex query engines, and it selects the best available…

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  • How to Use Meta AI

    Meta AI has recently been released, offering a range of unique features and functionalities. This tutorial will guide you through the essential aspects of using Meta AI effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the software with ease. Accessing Meta AI Meta AI is currently subject…

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